To apply, fill out and submit an online application.    
    • School-age children, ages 8 and up (3rd grade+) are welcome!
    • Marching Band musicians are welcome to apply for an audition now, and then join after marching band season ends

General Information

    • Membership to the San Jose Youth Symphony is by audition and/or invitation only.  Each new applicant or returning member (with the exception of Philharmonic Orchestra musicians) must pass the annual audition to be invited to join or be considered for promotion to a more advanced ensemble.
    • Our program is a supplement rather than a substitute to school music programs and we expect our members to participate in their school music programs.
    • When you submit your audition application,  you will receive an email confirmation of receipt within 48 hours.  If you do not get an email confirmation please contact the SJYS office (sjys@sjys.org).
    • $30 non-refundable application fee is due for all new and returning members no later than the date of the audition. We will email a  request for payment to you after we receive your application.
    • You will be notified of your audition date and time no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled audition date. You may audition only once per season.

Benefits for SJYS Members

    • Superior musical performance education provided by SJYS Artistic Staff
    • For the Philharmonic Orchestra, concert performances in the most prestigious venues locally and internationally on biannual International Concert Tours
    • Sectional coaching and masterclasses presented by world-class musicians
    • Chamber music
    • Weeklong music summer camps
    • Annual Competitions

Artistic Requirements

    • Musicians must meet these Artistic Requirements for at least one of its 12 orchestras/ensembles to be invited to join SJYS.

Audition Process

    • You should arrive at the audition venue at least 20 minutes before their audition time.
    • You need to bring their instrument, all necessary accessories (mouth piece, rock stop, etc.), and the score for your solo piece.
    • You must  check in with the staff upon arrival. You will be led to a space to warm up prior to your scheduled audition.
    • When it is your turn, you will be led to the audition room to perform for one or more of our artistic staff.
    • Your audition consists of three parts and will take no more than 6 to 8  minutes:
        1. Solo: You must be prepared to play two contrasting sections of music: one fast section to demonstrate technical ability and one slow section to demonstrate lyricism. You may prepare either two solo pieces of contrasting styles or one that includes both fast and slow sections.
        2. Scales: You will be asked to demonstrate a scale in 2-3 octaves (see Artistic Requirements). The key, mode (major or minor), and number of octaves will be determined by the judge(s).
        3. Sight-reading: You will be expected to sight-read and accurately demonstrate recognition of key and time signatures, rhythm, and accidentals.
    • Our artistic staff will match the skill and artistic level of each applicant to the best ensemble as they see fit. Applicants who audition during the General Auditions will be notified of their results about 2-3 weeks after their auditions. Applicants who audition outside of the General Auditions will be notified of results in 1-2 weeks following their auditions.
    • All decisions made by the artistic staff are final.

Seating Auditions

    • Returning Philharmonic Orchestra members do not participate in the annual General Auditions, but instead, will take part in the Seating Auditions (to be ranked) at the summer camp prior to the next season.
    • After each concert, orchestral musicians will be expected to take part in Seating Auditions during a regular scheduled rehearsal. Rankings/seating assignments may change based on the progress of the musicians.
    • Seating Auditions may or may not be held in the instrumental ensembles at the discretion of the conductors.