Jean M. Greene Scholarship

The San Jose Youth Symphony awards two scholarships to qualifying musicians each year. Each scholarship is valued at $150 and will be applied as a tuition credit to the awarded member. In the event the recipient of the award is a graduating senior, then the award will be in cash.

The Jean M. Greene Scholarship was established to recognize students who are deserving and have not received any other financial scholarships from SJYS during the season. Deserving is defined as those individuals that display in both attitude and deeds qualities that best reflect the values of our organization: passion for music, trust from and respect for other members, integrity and teamwork.

2013 – 2014 Scholarship Recipients


Nicole Hsu, Concertmaster, Philharmonic Orchestra
Matthew Miyada,
Principal French Horn, Chamber Orchestra


Nominations can be submitted by anyone (members, parents, conductors)and is open to all members within the SJYS.


A written justification on why the particular member should be considered is required (500 words or less).

Due Date

All submissions must be turned into the San Jose Youth Symphony office two months prior to the final Philharmonic Concert.

Review Process

A review panel comprised of SJYS Board of Directors will review all nominations and select those members that best reflect the spirit of the award.


The scholarships will be awarded at the final Philharmonic Orchestra concert of the season.

Richard Sim Memorial Scholarship


Richard Sim, Concertmaster
Philharmonic Orchestra (2006 – 2007)

The San Jose Youth Symphony has established the Richard Sim Scholarship in memory of Richard Sim, former SJYS member and concertmaster, whose untimely death at age 19 (Dec. 29, 1988 – June 28, 2008) has not been forgotten.

Richard encompassed musical and personal values fostered by SJYS, among them complete dedication to the study and performance of music and unwavering support and commitment to the organization in terms of teamwork, leadership and mentoring others throughout the community. Richard represented SJYS with such professionalism, commitment and inspiration in his roles as the Philharmonic Orchestra Concertmaster, Music Matters after-school program string instructor and youth mentor, and as a SJYS string quartet member representing SJYS through fundraising events and San Jose City Council special ceremonies.

The Richard Sim Memorial Scholarship will provide financial support to young aspiring musicians who establish financial need within the San Jose Youth Symphony and who are unable to afford the cost associated with private music lessons.

Up to two (2) scholarships will be awarded to two (2) qualifying musicians each year, valued at up to $800.00 each, and will be awarded directly to the student’s private teacher. The private teacher will be encouraged to charge the student who receives this scholarship a reduced fee in order to allow the student to benefit from as many lessons as possible.

Please download and fill out the Nomination/Application Form. Completed Forms should be submitted to:

San Jose Youth Symphony
Attn: Shoko Michael, Executive Director
595 Park Avenue, Suite 302
San Jose, CA 95110
Fax No.: 408-885-9230


Nominations may be submitted by an SJYS member, artistic staff, or board member who believes the SJYS musician is qualified and deserving. SJYS members may apply independently for this scholarship without being nominated by others.


After being nominated, the musician’s family will submit financial forms demonstrating financial hardship and need to fund private lessons. In addition, the musician’s conductor must submit a letter of support for this request.

Review Process

A review panel comprised of the SJYS Music Director and Board of Directors will review all nominations and select those members who best reflect the spirit of the award, based on the available funds.

Who Can Donate

To support this self-sustaining scholarship program, the San Jose Youth Symphony pursues the following funding methods:

Corporate Sponsors (will be advertised on all SJYS published materials and marketing, including scholarship materials, and SJYS website)

  • Private and Individual Donations
  • Parents and Alumni Members
  • Current, Past and Advisory Board Members
  • City Councilmembers

Financial Assistance

A limited number of financial aid scholarships are available from SJYS. Please contact the office for more